Instant Memory Techniques

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ProceraAVHMovie Instant Memory Techniques

Instant Memory Techniques from the Mega Memory tapes Made this video to help myself memories the words, but thought i’d stick it on youtube so others might find it useful The 10 parts of the body at the beginning are for the 10 Phonic sounds 1 – T for Toes (T, D) 2 – N for Knee 3 – M for Muscle 4 – R for Rear 5 – L for Love Handles 6 – Sh for Shoulders (Sh, Ch, J) 7 – K for Collar (K, G) 8 – F for Face (F, V) 9 – P for Point (P,B) 0 – C for Ceiling (C,S) These help make remembering the objects easier
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